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White Papers
Drawing on our depth of research and comprehensive knowledge of HPC industry trends, Intersect360 Research analysts can work with your company to produce credible, objective white papers describing the role of your products, services, technologies, or initiatives in the HPC market.

Intersect360 Research white papers go beyond technology descriptions by setting the context with HPC market dynamics supported by our research. We show where the market opportunities exist for the subject matter, whether it is a new HPC product being launched or a multi-vendor consortium taking form.

White papers can vary in scope, length, and cost. Some white papers contain end-user quotes or case studies that support a technology. All Intersect360 Research white papers also contain an analysis section with guidance for readers on the future outlook for the subject.

Intersect360 Research white papers are sponsored content but not direct product endorsements. Readers of our white papers will find credible, thorough analysis of how a given technology or service will fit in the market and what its prospects are for adoption. Our established standard of objective expertise makes an Intersect360 Research white paper a valuable research document that the reader will respect.

Recently completed sample white papers for our clients can be found below. For more information on white papers, contact sales@intersect360.com.

White Papers produced for some of our clients:

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