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If there's something special you need to know about the HPC industry, we want to help you, whether through broad survey distribution or selected in-depth conversations with targeted stakeholders. Our custom research studies can be scaled to different budgets, and you can choose whether to share the costs with other vendors or to keep the competitive insights to yourself. However you want to move forward, our senior analyst team will help you interpret the data to make it truly actionable for your organization.

Current Research Study: Modeling and Simulation among U.S. Manufacturers - The Case for Digital Manufacturing: Completed September, 2010

Intersect360 Research, in partnership with the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS), conducted a broad-based survey of U.S. manufacturers regarding the current state of digital manufacturing technologies and the drivers and barriers to expanding adoption. This survey included 321 qualified respondents from the U.S. manufacturing community.

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HPC Software Environments: Completed, May 2010

In this custom research study, Intersect360 Research surveyed the worldwide HPC user community for detailed information on their complete software environments, including operating systems, developer tools, administrative software, and end-user applications. With over 400 respondents, this comprehensive study provides in-depth insights for HPC software vendors.

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