Executive Summary
Research Study
Modeling and Simulation among U.S. Manufacturers: The Case for Digital Manufacturing
Broad-based survey of U.S. manufacturers regarding the current state of digital manufacturing technologies and the drivers and barriers to expanding adoption.

Custom Research

Many of our clients have specific research needs that go beyond the detail in the Intersect360™ Market Advisory Service. We can address these needs with custom studies and data models that are specifically designed to meet those needs.

Our custom research can be scaled to fit different budgets and requirements. Some of the projects we frequently take on are:

  • Total Addressable Market (TAM) models: Start-up companies and divisions often need specific TAM models to prove out opportunity spaces and provide strategic direction for growth opportunities, whether you're seeking funding from potential partners, obtaining buy-in from general managers, or directing your sales team to hit their growth targets for the year.
  • Brand testing / perception mapping: What do HPC buyers think about your products or brand? How do you stack up against your competition? In a competitive situation, how should you attack, and how should you defend? We can address these questions with qualitative and quantitative research to test how HPC buyers think about your company and its products and services. For even deeper insight, we can run studies before, during, and after your campaign to test its effectiveness.
  • Custom surveys: If there's something special you need to know about the HPC industry, we want to help you, whether through broad survey distribution or selected in-depth conversations with targeted stakeholders. Our custom research studies can be scaled to different budgets, and you can choose whether to share the costs with other vendors or to keep the competitive insights to yourself. However you want to move forward, our senior analyst team will help you interpret the data to make it truly actionable for your organization.

For full access to our HPC research studies, analysis, custom research and consulting, contact us directly.

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