Executive Summary
Intersect360™ Market Advisory Service

Intersect360 Research covers the changing market dynamics of users, technologies, and vendors in the Intersect360 Research HPC market advisory service. The end-user research that forms the foundation of the market advisory service leverages our exclusive HPC500 user organization, which incorporates both high performance technical computing (HPTC) and high performance business computing (HPBC) use cases worldwide, to provide a comprehensive view of the complete HPC industry.

The subscription-based service delivers regular market intelligence in three dimensions.

Buyer Trends: Demand-side research from Intersect360 Research focuses on end users' habits and preferences in purchasing, configuration, and usage. Anchored by the exclusive HPC500 user group, buyers from across all segments provide regular updates on their HPC budget allocations, installations, and system configurations.

Market Data: Intersect360 Research surveys vendors to provide data on the total HPC market. Our inclusive technology view goes beyond servers to include interconnects, storage, processors, and other significant vendor segments, and it includes forecasts and growth rates for units and revenue.

Technology Analysis: The HPC market consistently has several new or growing technology areas. Intersect360 Research looks at how vendors are incorporating these technologies into their product lines and how users are adopting them, providing technology analysis and forecasts based on both supply-side and demand-side data.

Most importantly, Intersect360 Research strives to have a consultative relationship with our clients. The HPC market advisory service goes beyond pie charts and pivot tables, with unlimited inquiry hours for questions about our research, and additional advisory time for strategic guidance hot topics.

Taken together, these viewpoints provide a comprehensive picture of the forward-looking trends that are shaping the HPC industry. The Intersect360 Research HPC market advisory service provides actionable market intelligence that leads to better decision making in HPC.

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