Executive Summary
Intersect360 Research: Actionable Intelligence for HPC
In all of our services, we provide our clients with data and opinions that are actionable: insights which help you make decisions that are measurably positive to your business.

Intersect360 Research incorporates the voice of the user into its studies, so you'll know where the market is going, not just where it's been. Demand-side usage models complement supply-side market sizing to identify significant HPC opportunities.

Intersect360 Research's senior analysts and consultants bring to bear a comprehensive knowledge of industry trends, technology, and end-user buying patterns that will help you identify and make the most of your immediate and long-term growth opportunities in HPC.

Intersect360 Research covers the changing market dynamics of users, technologies, and vendors in the Intersect360™ Market Advisory Service. The subscription-based service delivers regular market intelligence in three dimensions: buyer trends, market data, and technology analysis. Taken together, these three views provide a comprehensive picture of the forward-looking trends that are shaping the High Performance Computing industry.
Drawing on our depth of research and comprehensive knowledge of HPC industry trends, Intersect360 Research analysts can work with your company to produce credible, objective white papers describing the role of your products, services, technologies, or initiatives in the HPC market. InterSect360 Research white papers are sponsored content but not direct product endorsements.
Many of our clients have specific research needs that go beyond the detail in the Intersect360™ Market Advisory Service. We can address these needs with custom studies and data models that are specifically designed to meet those needs. Our custom research can be scaled to fit different budgets and requirements, and our senior analyst team will help you interpret the data to make it truly actionable for your organization.
We offer a full range of consulting and go-to-market services to help our clients make the most out of their immediate and long-term growth opportunities. Whether you're looking for a half-day or full-day onsite strategy session or a long-term engagement, our senior analysts and consultants can deliver a wealth of experience backed up by a comprehensive knowledge of the technology trends and end-user buying patterns that will shape the industry in the months and years ahead.

For full access to our HPC research studies, analysis, custom research and consulting, contact us directly.

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