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HPC User Site Census: Demographics

by Addison Snell, Christopher G. Willard, Ph.D., Laura Segervall, Michael Feldman
for Intersect360 Research
July 2013

 This report provides the demographics of the respondents from our most recent survey (2013 survey) as well as total sites in our database. The report’s intent is to provide general demographics to supplement the other focused reports. Within each topic area, sample size varies from the total sample size provided in this report based on amount reported by the respondent. Specific topic areas where in-depth analysis is provided include: systems, processors, storage, interconnects, and software.
Our goals for collecting and maintaining site census data include:
  • Developing demand-side data for tracking and modeling fundamental characteristics of the HPC market in such areas as computer room contents, vendor positioning, technology adoption, user purchase patterns, etc.
  • Collecting and comparing demand-side data to supply-side data in order to accurately frame the entire HPC ecosystem
  • Tracking trends in these characteristics over time, and
  • Supporting our HPC market-sizing and forecasting models. 
Intersect360 Research will conduct the Site Census on a yearly basis. Additionally, we will update our census data on an ongoing basis with data provided from end user site reviews, other Intersect360 Research surveys, publicly available data, and analyst opinion.

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