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HPC Accelerator Usage Snapshot Anaylsis

by Christopher G. Willard, Ph.D., Laura Segervall, Addison Snell
for Intersect360 Research
May 2013

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This overview presents results from our 2012 and 2011 technology surveys plus our ongoing Site Census research.  Key findings from this research include:
· Accelerators gaining healthy market share: About 28% of systems have one or more accelerators installed.
· Accelerators per system is growing steadily: The average is over 90 accelerators (for systems configured with them).
· Number of accelerators per job is relatively low: the median is five accelerators per job.
· Utilization: About 80% of those using accelerators use them for less than 35% of their HPC workload.
· Major use cases: running in-house applications and evaluation of technology.
·  Nvidia dominates the market, but there is strong interest in Intel Xeon Phi.

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