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Traditional HPC Total Market Forecast: 2009 to 2013

by Addison Snell, Christopher G. Willard, Ph.D., Laura Segervall
for Intersect360 Research
September 2009

This Intersect360 Research report presents our forecast estimates for the size of the overall traditional High Productivity Computing (HPC) market, including servers, storage, services, software, networks, and other products, from 2009 through 2013. Overall we expect revenue to grow at a 4.0% CAGR over the forecast period.

  • Despite contracting by 11% due to macroeconomic effects in 2009, the HPC market will rebound to $23.1 billion by 2013.
  • The Mid-Range and Entry-Level segments hold the best opportunities for growth, based mostly on a larger potential pool of convertible and found problems, which lead to green-field opportunities.
  • EMEA markets should not be overlooked, as we believe that, even starting from a larger base, these markets hold similar growth opportunities to the highly touted Asia-Pacific markets and may be more stable.
  • In evaluating vertical market opportunities, both growth rates and absolute growth potential must be considered. We predict the best overall opportunities in: bio-sciences, consumer product manufacturing, energy, and chemicals. Markets that can leverage software and experience from related fields are most likely to show the greatest growth.

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