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HPC User Site Census: Storage Suppliers

by Christopher G. Willard, Ph.D., Addison Snell, Laura Segervall, Michael Feldman
for Intersect360 Research
November 2015
This report, part of our HPC User Site Census series, provides an examination of the suppliers of storage systems installed in a sample of High Performance Computing (HPC) user sites. Intersect360 Research surveyed a broad range of users about their current computer system installations, storage systems, networks, middleware, and supporting software. The resulting data is presented in a series of reports throughout the year, each describing different aspects of the HPC end-user landscape.
Key findings of the survey include the following:
  • Storage capacity continues its onward and upward trend. Aggregate site-level storage capacity reported at 385 sites reached 1.9 exabytes, about two and a half times the site-level storage capacity reported in 2012.
  • Installations of petabyte or larger storage systems are increasing and account for 31% of all storage systems reported. The top three most frequently reported capacities were two petabytes, one petabyte, and 100 terabytes.
  • DataDirect Networks (DDN) had the largest share with 13.9% of survey responses, followed by IBM with 11.8%. All other suppliers had less than 10% share of reported storage systems. No vendor dominated every sector, region or capacity.
About 4.7% of the reported storage systems were identified as cloud-based systems, including both public and private cloud. Amazon continues to be the primary supplier of cloud-based storage services to the HPC community.

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