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The Exascale Effect: the Benefits of Supercomputing Investment for U.S. Industry

by Council on Competitiveness, with help from Intersect360 Research
for Intersect360 Research
October 2014

On behalf of the Council on Competitiveness, it is our pleasure to release Solve, a publication of the High Performance Computing (HPC) Initiative. For more than a decade, the Council has led the nation to understand, promote and strengthen America’s ability to leverage advanced computing for competitive advantage. America must lead in this game-changing technology that pushes the frontiers of science and commerce in virtually every discipline and sector.

The Council brings together America’s top HPC leaders from industry, academia, government and the national laboratories. Through expert analysis and results-driven recommendations, through on-the-ground engagement with manufacturers, and through collaboration with an unparalleled network of HPC executives, the Council strives continually to increase U.S. competitiveness through the transformational use of advanced computing. We know from experience that to out-compete is to out-compute.

This report takes a fresh look at:
• The value of HPC to U.S. industry;
• Key actions that would enable companies to leverage advanced computing more effectively; and
• How American industry benefits directly and indirectly from government investment at the leading edge of HPC.

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