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What is HPC?

Increasing numbers of organizations are leaping ahead with computationally generated insights.

For organizations that seek out differentiation with excellence in R&D, engineering, science, analytics, or responsiveness to increasing amounts of digital information, High Performance Computing, or HPC, can enable new levels of innovation and insight. HPC applications are found in research or production environments and span industry, commerce, government, and academia. What HPC applications have in common is their linkage to top-line organizational productivity.

Consider these examples:

  • A manufacturer uses HPC to build digital prototypes of its products, testing them in virtual environments in order to bring superior products to market faster.
  • A biologist uses HPC to study how materials pass through a cell membrane, the better to understand how we can block viruses.
  • A bank uses HPC to analyze high volumes of digital transactions, maximizing investments and protecting its clients from fraud.
  • An electronic retailer uses HPC to find and connect patterns in large data sets, so it can make more intelligent recommendations to its customers.

Intersect360 Research studies the HPC industry for these application areas and more, dividing usage models into "traditional HPC" - applications in science, engineering, and analytics - and "Edge HPC" - comprised of emerging business cases in complex event processing (for example, high-frequency trading), business process optimization (logistics, business intelligence, or data mining), virtual environments (online games, virtual reality), and ultrascale business computing (other supercomputers for business applications). Both traditional and Edge HPC applications deliver insights and innovations for long-term growth opportunities to the thought-leading organizations that run them.

From a technology perspective, HPC is the use of servers, clusters, and supercomputers, plus associated software, tools, components, interconnects, storage, and services, involved in running and optimizing an HPC environment. Our total market models include analysis of servers, processors, accelerators, interconnects, storage devices, operating systems, tools and middleware, file systems, application software, utility computing models (such as cloud computing), and services, and our clients span all of these areas.

At Intersect360 Research, we are passionate about HPC. We love the technology innovators that deliver HPC solutions, the policymakers that foster industry growth, and the forward-thinking leaders that use modeling, simulation, and analysis to drive their organizations forward. If you fit into any of these categories, we invite you to learn more and see how actionable market intelligence for HPC can help you.

For full access to our HPC research studies, analysis, custom research and consulting, contact us directly.

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