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HPC Market Update from Intersect360 Research

by Rich Brueckner
for Intersect360 Research
Mar 27, 2015
as published in InsideHPC

In this video from the 2015 HPC Advisory Council Switzerland Conference, Addison Snell from Intersect360 Research presents: HPC Market Update.

The drive toward exascale computing, a renewed emphasis on data-centric processing, energy efficiency concerns, and the limitations of memory and I/O performance are all working to reshape High Performance Computing platforms. Many-core accelerators, flash storage, 3D memory, integrated networking, and optical interconnects are just some of the technologies propelling these future architectures. In concert with those developments, the HPC vendor landscape has been churning in response to broader market forces, and these events are going to drive some interesting changes in the coming year.

Download the Slides (PDF) * See more talks in the HPCAC Switzerland Conference Video Gallery.

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