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Impressions of ISC 2010

by Chris Willard
for Intersect360 Research
Jun 3, 2010

as published in HPCWire

Returning to ISC after a hiatus of several years and viewing the event from the vantage point of an industry analyst, the show appears to have made a quantum leap in terms of the size and sophistication of the exhibition, and the degree and intensity of business activity. The exhibit hall, while not on the scale of the Supercomputing event, included all the major suppliers to the industry, a large array of smaller middle-tier suppliers, plus strong entries from the user community. Clearly, suppliers attended to do business and not simply "show the flag," and generally reported good results.

The event also struck me as being more European than in past years. There are several possible factors here: increased interest in HPC within western Europe, expansion of eastern European economies and computing efforts, reduced travel budgets in the US, and so on.

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