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Buy on Rumor

by Christopher Willard, Ph.D.
for Intersect360 Research (originally published under the Tabor Research name)
Jun 30, 2007

Buy on Rumor, Sell on News (or Speculate on Rumor, Analyze on News)

French website reported on July 26 that HP had entered negotiations to acquire Groupe Bull for about $990 million. This report was not confirmed by either company, and no sources were mentioned, thus we have a classic case of an unconfirmed rumor.

The fun part about rumors is that one is not burdened with any nasty little facts as to motivations, expectations, or details of an agreement to get in the way of speculations, musing and random combining of bits of information. (Somewhat like starting a jigsaw puzzle when there is no picture of what it is suppose to look like, and you are not sure if all the pieces are there, or even if the ones you do have are from the same puzzle.)

First a few random pieces about Bull …

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