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Computing on the Edge

by Addison Snell
for Intersect360 Research (originally published under the Tabor Research name)
May 1, 2008

as published in HPCWire

Gaining an Edge: Wall Street Firms Expand Productivity in “Edge HPC” Arena

High Performance Computing – or as it is increasingly called, High Productivity Computing – continues to drive innovation and profits for a wide range of industries. Today, technological evolution is driving HPC in new directions with non-traditional “Edge HPC” applications. Wall Street firms are increasingly seeking to improve productivity with both traditional and Edge HPC.

Traditional HPC users are scientists, engineers, or analysts who run applications that are computationally demanding enough to require a more scalable architecture than a standalone PC or workstation. Commercial HPC usage has encompassed automotive engineering, pharmaceutical design, oil exploration, Hollywood special effects, and (of course) financial analytics. For decades, major banks have conducted economic simulations and portfolio analysis to make optimal investment decisions, minimizing risk or exposure for their investment vehicles. Thanks to dramatic improvements in price/performance brought about by commoditization, boutique investment firms are among the new group of entry-level users, and the finance industry is growing its overall share among HPC users.

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