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No Really, It's Good Kool-Aid

by Addison Snell
for Intersect360 Research (originally published under the Tabor Research name)
Jan 15, 2009

as published in HPCWire

I loved Kool-Aid when I was a kid. Not only were the commercials fantastic – admit it, if you were a kid in the 1970s, at some point you crashed through a homemade barrier singing "Oh yeah!" -- but it was sweet refreshment on a hot day. My favorite was when my mom would mix the raspberry and lemonade flavors, a formula I soon learned to copy. Simply zip open the envelopes, put in just the right amount of sugar (i.e., way too much), add water, and stir. Delicious! What a shame that we grow up into the business world to continuously hear admonishments of business leaders that are "drinking their own Kool-Aid." We mean by this that the organization in question is sufficiently internally focused that its leadership is exclusively considering the views of like-minded conspirators while dismissing signs of economic doom that are evident to those outside the groupthink klatch.

And speaking of obvious signs of economic doom, have you seen the news at any point in the last five months? It's enough to drive anyone to drink.

Sweaty Tabor Research Kids: "Hey, Kool-Aid!"
1970s Kool-Aid Pitcher Thing: "Oh yeah!"

With the economy beginning to crash down around us, Tabor Research issued a press release in October stating that the majority of users expected to increase their spending on HPC, with most of those expecting a significant increase. Three months later, we stand by that insight.

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