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A Stimulus Package for HPC

by Addison Snell
for Intersect360 Research (originally published under the Tabor Research name)
Feb 19, 2009

as published in HPCWire

A long-standing concern in HPC is the graying of the industry. That is, new people are not coming in at the skilled positions as older ones retire. (In the sports world this is how championship teams become also-rans in the matter of a few years). Although this issue has been noted and discussed with growing alarm over the decade, few solutions have been proffered. In this regard, I have for the last six to eight months been conducting an informal, unscientific, on-again-off-again (wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimy) survey* of end users as to what can be done to help secure the future of HPC. Responses reveal a great deal of concern and real passion about the future of the field, and suggestions invariably center on moving HPC into the educational mainstream. These recommendations include:

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