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Licensed to Bill?

by Addison Snell
for Intersect360 Research
Apr 8, 2010

HPC Application Software Vendors Begin to Adapt to the Demands of Utility, SaaS, and Cloud Computing

as published in HPCWire

At a casual glance it seems the entire High Performance Computing industry is going gung ho on clouds. HPC system vendors are launching cloud-enabled infrastructure services. Middleware providers offer solutions for migrating applications to public, private, or hybrid clouds. And end users are intrigued to learn how they might maintain capability while reducing capital expenditures. “You mean I don’t have to worry about the cost and maintenance of all that infrastructure? Sign me up!”

Amidst the seemingly ubiquitous fanfare announcing the arrival of a new can’t-lose paradigm, it would be almost forgivable to overlook what should be a plot-turning question. What, specifically, are you going to run in the cloud?

Faced with mounting pressure from partners and end users in the HPC community, application software vendors are striving to cope with what it means to offer their software as a service. To learn more about the potential for cloud expansion, InterSect360 Research has been conducting a study of the outlook of SaaS and cloud computing models among the HPC ISV community.

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