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Intersect360 Research Hires Sue Gouws Korn, CFA, as Senior Analyst

Korn to Extend Research in Financial and "Edge HPC" Applications

SUNNYVALE, CA - September 17, 2010 - Intersect360 Research, a leading market intelligence, research, and consulting advisory practice for the High Performance Computing industry, announced today that it has selected Sue Gouws Korn, a 20-year veteran of the Financial Services industry, to spearhead its research in "Edge HPC" applications, which include business areas such as finance, web analytics, insurance, and capital markets.

Korn, who received her MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University, has held positions at several financial services firms in equity research, investment banking, investment management, and consumer and commercial banking. She was most notably First Vice President, Corporate Performance Management and Financial Planning and Analysis at Providian Financial/Washington Mutual Card Services.

"We are very excited to have Sue join Intersect360 Research," said Addison Snell, CEO. "Sue brings to the table a firm understanding of the workflows and applications of HPC in complex event processing and process optimization, high-frequency trading, financial analytics, business intelligence, capital markets, data mining and fraud detection, giving her a keen insight into the needs of Edge HPC users."

With the addition of Korn, the company will have an expanded ability to analyze the Edge HPC application space, providing its demand-side research methodology to a growing segment of the HPC industry.

"There are people who are natural analysts, and people who aren't," said Chris Willard, Chief Research Officer. "Sue is an analyst who has a personal understanding of the trials and tribulations of computer users in a broad range of financial applications, and she also understands where and how HPC can help users meet their current and future requirements."

"Tremendous opportunities are emerging in the Edge HPC application space for the use of high performance computing technologies among organizations who don’t see themselves as HPC users," says Korn. "In my role at Intersect360 Research, I look forward to providing insights that will help technology providers meet the needs of those users."

Edge HPC

Intersect360 Research defines Edge HPC as the use of HPC technologies for applications in business areas outside the traditional engineering and science boundaries, such as business process optimization, virtual environments, and high-frequency trading.

Korn can be reached at

About Intersect360 Research

Intersect360 Research is a market intelligence, research, and consulting advisory practice focused on suppliers, users, and policymakers across the High Performance Computing ecosystem. Intersect360 Research relies on both user-based and supplier-based research to form a complete perspective of HPC market dynamics, trends, and usage models.

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